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Upshur County Schools – With the Upshur County Community and Upshur County Schools working together, our children will be successfully educated to prepare them to be our communities’ and nation’s citizens, parents, and leaders for the next generation and beyond

West Virginia Wesleyan College – Founded in 1890, West Virginia Wesleyan is a private residential college that is affiliated with The United Methodist Church.

City of Buckhannon – Known for its friendly, small-town charm and superb quality of life, Buckhannon is also a vibrant, progressive community with outstanding schools

The Upshur County Development Authority – A diverse economy, good educational system, strong utilities infrastructure and coupled with a strong private liberal arts college in West Virginia Wesleyan and a 95 bed hospital in St. Josephs, Upshur County offers a high quality of life environment to all.

Upshur County – Upshur County Commission is dedicated to serving our citizens. We welcome the opportunity to hear your comments and to implement any ideas which will have an impact on making our county a better place.

The Record Delta – The local news you want, just a click away

The West Virginia Strawberry Festival– The Festival is a unique, traditional celebration to promote the strawberry harvest. Enthusiastic volunteers provide good, family style entertainment that offers exciting educational and cultural events for everyone.

The Upshur Village Cinema – local cinema just off Route 33